Google+ versus Facebook

  • Did you find yourself in the mass of 4000 “Friends” by some of your friends?
  • Do you have 3000 – 5000 “friends” yourself?
  • Did you arrived at Facebook Border – where 5000 contacts is the limit?
  • How do you manage your crowd and how do you communicate with your contacts?
  • Did you already noticed, that it is not good, that all steps you do are mentioned on your wall automatically?
  • Does  Facebook have ears?
  • Do the users complain a lot about Facebook?

My personal experience is  that my friends complained a lot.
About being spammed by other users, about tracking and publishing info’s they did not want to be published in the public stream – about displaying almost each click and like on your profile page. So all the other people could easily follow all your steps.  Isn’t a bit stalking?

Let’s have look at communication structure of your daily life.
In your daily life – you communicate on many  levels.
Everybody use different slang with co-workers, boss, friends and own children.
Just compare a communication stream possibility and userbility on Facebook – is it flexible and easy to handle?

Facebook is great tool – we all love it, but it was primary designed to handle “friends” only, not different groups of people. We grow and our demands are getting structured. Who is out there to hear to your wish? Is your wish our demand?

Google+ Team was thinking more about the complexity of communication – try it out and you experience the power of architecture immediately.  It is also important to say that this is google’s 3th try to break through to the social networks. The projects Buzz and Wave were not that triumphant.

For more advanced social marketiers – google+ is just a beginning of mighty universe. The beggining of a milky way. The Google Gate. It propably still do not mirror the human complexity of networking. Humanity and power of human networking is indeed something IT tries to mirror and implement. Holding a dump that google is on good way to stay “clean” and not to be evil – as promissed :-)

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